Smart Factory 4.0


1. Real Time Tracking: The status of the object in the entire system can be monitored at each and every step of the system remotely. 

2. Wireless Backup Sensor: If any sensor doesn’t work, wireless backup sensor can be programmed in real-time and the production can be continued immediately. It replaces the work of the faulty sensor. 

3. Individual Control of System: Each and every sensor and actuator connected to controllino PLC can be controlled independently from the mobile application and windows software. 

4. Stand by Stock for the Goods: For flawless production of goods, we have included an excellent feature by including the two storage areas in the handling station. Due to any introduced fault, if the goods is not abled to be placed in the Storage A, then it will be automatically shifted to storage B with the prior notification of the sensor. 

5. Wireless Sensor: The selected work-piece passes through the sensor and works remotely over cloud to communicate with other actuator devices.

Publication – “IEEE” 10.1109/ICCIKE47802.2019.9004413. – 20 Feb 2020CLICK HERE FOR RESEARCH PAPER